About Meghan

Meghan Goodman is an interdisciplinary dance artist and certified Iyengar yoga instructor



Originally from Toronto, Meghan graduated with a BFA in dance and a minor mathematics from Simon Fraser University. She is an active performer, creator and teacher in Vancouver. Meghan has shown her own work in such venues as Dances for a Small Stage, 12 Minutes Max, Bloom, NextFest, BC Buds, “7”,  In The House Festival and the Powell Street Festival. As an independent artist, Meghan has had the privilege of working with choreographers Alvin Tolentino, Lydia Wagerer, Justine Chambers, Jennifer Clarke, Sara Coffin, Rob Kitsos, Michelle Olson, Julia Taffe and Amelia Rudolph to name a few.  In 2013 Meghan danced in the Vancouver Opera’s production of The Magic Flute under the direction of Robert McQueen and Michelle Olson, and Tea: A Mirror of Soul.

photo by Dan Cento
photo by Dan Cento

Meghan joined the Aeriosa Dance Society company in 2009 and performs regularly with them, expanding her artistic skills and practice through aerial dance. Meghan has been an active member of the Body Narratives Collective (BNC) since 2008, a dance-based collective with an interdisciplinary focus. In December 2013 BNC is produced and premiered Dark Room: the realm of symbols, science and memories, a full length work integrating dance with live photographic techniques. In April 2016 BNC premiered a mixed program called Ties That Bind at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. It featured a new duet, Here on the Ground, commission by choreographer Sarah Chase, and performed BNC co-directors by Julia Carr and Meghan, as well as With You for the Long Haul, a trio by BNC. In addition to performing, Meghan has choreographed and instructed dance for the stART Dance Company, the Richmond Academy of Dance, and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

photo by Patricia Kim
photo by Patricia Kim

Meghan began practicing yoga in 1998 and received her first teaching certification from Flow Yoga in 2006.  At Flow Yoga she had had the pleasure of learning from such teachers as Kelly Colleen, Jason Hagemeister, Jesse Enright, Bernie Clark, Padma and Paul Grilley. Seeking more information on how to work with a wider range of students, Meghan began her studies of Iyengar yoga in 2008. With the guidance of Louie Ettling, and granting assistance from the Dancer Transition Resource Centre, Meghan completed the Iyengar Intro 2 teaching certification in 2013. Meghan completed the Iyengar yoga Intermediate Junior 1 certification in 2017. For Meghan, Iyengar yoga has become the steady path to finding stability and space in the body, the antidote to an physically demanding and busy lifestyle, and a method for moving deeper in the practice with intelligence and care. Her classes aim to share the many benefits of yoga.

What are the classes like from the student’s perspective?

In the words of one of my students Faith Moonsang:

“When I first started my yoga practice in earnest three years ago, I wasn’t ready for Meghan Goodman and ironically, she teaches what is for me the most accessible style of yoga, Iyengar.  I wasn’t up to the challenge of even standing properly!! Now I have incorporated her classes into my regular weekly yoga routine and seemingly cannot do without them or her. If you carry injury in your body,  have a mind that is fascinated with the mechanics of the human form, want a hands-on and ‘attention to detail’ experience with your yoga practice I urge you to get to know Iyengar yoga. Meghan is a wonderful teacher. She has a lovely way with the practice – correcting postures, suggesting alternatives, being conscious of making sure that you work within your limits. It’s all very gentle and supportive and calm.  The next day however, guaranteed, your muscles are on fire. How do these two things go together?  That is the wonder of it.  Before long, I will be walking this earth like a panther. I look forward to it. To my friends I call Meghan’s classes the ballet of yoga.  The rigour, the correction of posture, the fluidity, the seriousness of intent, the lengthening, smoothing and tightening of muscle but without the gendered stuff. What’s not to love?”

Meghan is currently teaching at Ocean and Crow Yoga/Space

photo by Lynne Spencer, props by Halfmoon Yoga
photo by Lynne Spencer, props by Halfmoon Yoga

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