Fall into Winter


It seems like yesterday (literally) when I was walking through trout lake park enjoying the beautiful fall colours. Over night, in the blink of an eye, it feels like winter is here. As someone who pretty much feels cold from now until July, I appreciate the warm and cozy studios I get to practice and teach in. I feel very grateful to be able to participate and collaborate with a community of people who join together to maintain their health and well being through yoga.

If you’d like to join me, I’ve got some new classes starting up soon. Send me a note if you have any questions: meghangoodman@hotmail.com

For the dance fans out there, I’ll be performing in Dance in Vancouver, a double bill featuring Aeriosa Second Nature (excerpt) and Co.ERASGA Tracing Malong.
Saturday November 25, 8pm


Aligning Body, Mind, and Breath: Iyengar Yoga

Friday Mornings, 10-11:30am, 6-week course at Ocean and Crow

Register here: https://oceanandcrow.pike13.com/pack_products/437885

Do you want to start your day off right? Join Meghan Goodman, certified Iyengar yoga instructor, for an alignment based practice that will help you feel more centered and energized for your day. The teaching will focus on building stable and healthy foundations. We will work on improving concentration and developing inner awareness so that the postures become a form of ‘meditation in action’, integrating the body, mind and breath. Students will be encouraged to ask questions and we will discover together how the use of yoga props can assist us to find our bodies optimal flow of energy, to offer support when needed, and to move deeper in the postures without creating stress or tension. The specific content of the course will be tailored for the students enrolled; ie. where they are at in their practice, and what their goals and yoga curiosities are.

November 17th-December 22nd.

$102+tax before October 28th.

Late registration (after October 28th) $114+tax
*Registration for the full class comes with one Bonus Class that may be used before the end of the session for any other class on the schedule that allows drop-ins or to bring a friend (space permitting; please enroll online before class).

*This class has one spot available for financial assistance. Email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to apply.


Iyengar Yoga Classes at Yoga on 7th:

Tuesdays 7:30- 9pm 

November 7 – December 12

6-week session $96,  $20 Drop in.


Saturdays 10:15am- 11:45am

November 11-December 16 (5-weeks) **No Class November 25**

5-week session $80, Drop in $20.

Email meghangoodman@hotmail.com to register for classes at Yoga on 7th

(cash, cheque or e-transfer only accepted)


Journey Inward: Gentle Yoga and Restorative Iyengar Techniques 

Sunday, December 17, 2017 (NEW DATE)

7:00 to 9:00 pm at Ocean and Crow

As we head towards the darkest part of the year, come spend a Sunday evening with Iyengar yoga instructor Meghan Goodman and unwind. Together we will practice gentle yoga postures, be guided through a series of pranayama breath exercises and then settle into deep relaxation. This workshop is a great way to nourish your nervous system and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels, including those working with injuries and pregnant students who maintain a regular practice.

$35+tax before November 26th. Late registration (after November 26th) $40+tax

Register here: https://oceanandcrow.ca/node/1996


Springtime Yoga and Aeriosa Dance Performance

Well, spring is almost here….and in the meantime, here are a few yoga classes to keep you feeling inspired and healthy. As someone who experiences seasonal allergies, I find yoga at this time of year particularly helpful.


I’d also like to invite you to join me for a special noon hour performance at the The Dance Centre. I’ll be performing with Aeriosa Thursday March 30th at 12pm. More info and tickets here:


Teaching Schedule:

Tuesday night classes from 7:30-9pm at Yoga on 7th  

March 21-April 25 (6-week session $96)                                                    [

Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted.

Contact me at meghangoodman@hotmail.com to register.

2 classes per week at Ocean and Crow Yoga

To avoid late registration fees sign up before March 22nd.

A new benefit is that we are offering a Bonus Class, which is an extra class on us you can use for anything that allows drop ins on the schedule within eight weeks of your purchase. That means if you sign up today you can use it today! Use your Bonus Class to try out a different class than your usual, or if you have to miss one of your regular classes.
You can also use it to bring a friend to the studio, you just have to email julie@oceanandcrow.ca with your friend’s name and email address so she can set that up for you.
Each of my courses at Ocean and Crow has one spot available for financial assistance. Email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to apply.



FRIDAYS, 12:00-1:00pm Stretch and Strengthen: Noon Hour Iyengar Yoga

5 classes, March 31st-April 28th $85+tax

Late registration (after March 22nd 8th) $95+tax

SUNDAYS, 6:00-7:15pm Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga

4 classes, April 2nd-April 30th (no class April 16th for Easter) $68+tax

Late registration (after March 22nd) $76+tax

Hope to see you on your mat soon.



Thank you to Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Alisoun Payne and Aileen Warbrook for joining me in these photos from Yoga on 7th, taken by Suzanne Rushton.


Dancing on the Edge Festival

Thank you to everyone who came out to see performances at this year’s festival. I had the great pleasure of performing at the Firehall Arts Centre as part of EDGE One in Here on the Ground, a collaboration between Body Narratives Collective and Sarah Chase

In the duet Here on the Ground, we discover the unusual friendship shared between Julia and Meghan through the lens of their aerial dancing exploits, new motherhood, family name confusion, Platypus mating rituals, and ultimately the love and loss inherent in family cycles.

Choreographer: Sarah Chase
Dancers: Julia Carr & Meghan Goodman


Plank Magazine review By Lawrence Kelson reads:

“‘Here on the Ground’, choreographed by Sarah Chase and performed by Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr was a physical theatre piece about the unusual real life friendship of the two dancers. With simple stage props, recorded music, spoken word and simple but elegant movement built around an invented visual sign language this piece charmed and captivated from the start. Goodman and Carr’s warm, open, and likeable characters shone through with clarity and grace as their stories unfolded before us. It was a performance that encapsulated something very real, current, and fresh, and was delivered with incredible clarity. This was a hugely appealing dance piece that moved its audience with its relatable naturalness and simplicity.”

and the Georgia Straight review by Alexander Varty reads:

“Two out of three aren’t bad.

Actually, two out of three are superb, although the third is only intermittently interesting. We’ll take those odds.

 The 2016 edition of the annual Dancing on the Edge festival (which runs to July 16) got off to a wonderfully warm start withHere on the Ground, choreographed by Body Narratives Collective and Sarah Chase. It’s a quietly sophisticated meditation on time masquerading as a sweet look at the friendship shared by dancers Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman, the collective’s founders, and it works beautifully on both levels.

At its simplest, it’s about two women who have much in common despite their very different backgrounds. Carr, tall and blond and Nordic, is the daughter of a successful gastroenterologist. Goodman, short and dark and Jewish, has to cope with a father who, technically speaking, is a manager in the family business, but who, with his guitars and books and vinyl, is an unfulfilled artist and dreamer. But both dancers have recently given birth to sons, and both share an easy intimacy as well as the kind of sunny optimism that beams off the stage.

There’s a funny bit about platypuses and a dreamlike image of a river made from a single blue rope. There’s a lot of illuminating discussion of Goodman and Carr’s work with the Aeriosa aerial dance troupe, and a funny display of the suitcase-full of togs and gear each carries on their excursions with child. There’s not a lot of outwardly impressive dance in this text-driven work, but there are a lot of finely honed gestures taken from everyday movement and then delivered, perfectly, at hyperspeed. And there’s a single, heartbreaking moment in which Carr reveals that her dad will never meet her baby, because he died 11 years before his grandson was born.

Poignant and lovely, Here on the Ground held the audience’s attention for all of its 28 minutes.”

And joined Aeriosa again for the first time since my son was born in:

Pseudotsuga – Earth to Sky


Aeriosa Dance Society | Julia Taffe

Aeriosa’s new site work is an interspecies collaboration between vertical dancers, musicians and a beautiful grove of tall trees in Stanley Park. No need to choose between art and nature on a lovely summer afternoon.

Choreographer: Julia Taffe
Live Music: Lan Tung & Jonathan Bernard

The Georgia Straight’s Janet Smith writes:

Aeriosa flies hypnotically high at Dancing on the Edge

“Tourists looked rightfully awed when they stumbled upon Aeriosa’s treetop performances in Stanley Park, part of the Dancing on the Edge festival this week.

It was one of those uniquely Vancouver experiences where nature, art, and world cultures meshed in surprising ways. Aerial dancers, suspended from the heights of a grove of old evergreens, moved like animated totem creatures to the mesmerizing sounds of Lan Tung’s erhu and fellow Orchid Ensemble Jonathan Bernard’s drums.

The show was called Pseudotsuga—Earth to Sky, named for a genus of conifers that includes B.C.’s Douglas firs. And there was a definite feeling of sacred rite to the piece—a communing with nature that found the eight dancers, in their harnesses, clinging sculpturally to the trunks amid the rustling branches. In the work—choreographed by Julia Taffe, who has moved from downtown concrete structures to more natural settings over recent year—the performers sometimes gripped the bark upside-down like tree frogs, hung off the trees at 90 degrees, and interwrapped  themselves between the trunks like snakes.

The best vantage point was lying on the needle-carpeted ground below them, staring skyward at the moving forms. The show carried on Dancing on the Edge’s long tradition of site-specific work, commendably engaging the public in the art form in new—and highly unexpected—ways. The sizable all-ages crowd seemed hypnotized by the slow and meditative creation.”

Body Narratives Performances 2016


Thank you to all who came out to support the premiere of Ties That Bind at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, April 20-23rd, 2016. Featuring new work by BNC (performed by Erin Lequereux, Jess Ames and Eowynn Penny-Huguet) and a brand new commission from choreographer Sarah Chase (performed by BNC Co-Directors Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman). A big thank you to the Shadbolt for the production residency and partnership that made this possible!

Ties That Bind


dancers in rehearsal, left to right: Erin Lequereux, Jessica Ames and Eowynn Penny-Hugut

MascallDance Presents:
BLOOM – an hour of laughter, wine tasting and dance

MascallDance’s BLOOM is a provocative cinq-a-sept – a casual and playful, informal showing of dance wine and comedy. Three Tuesdays after work our 6 artists in residence will show 5-minute sketches of dance paired with a wine. Jennifer Griffin, our stand-up storyteller, interprets the dance for the audience. Join us at St Paul’s in the West End for an hour of laughter, wine tasting and dance.

Doors at 4:30pm | Show 5pm-6pm | Latecomers welcome
Tuesday February 16th
Tuesday February 23rd
Tuesday March 1st

$10 | Entrance and 6 wine pairings
Extra glasses of wine available at $5 a glass

1130 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2C7

Choreography by:

Body Narratives Collective
Lily Cryan
Jennifer Mascall
Olivia Neill
Zahra Shahab
Claire Twiddy

The event: A sommelier selects a wine for each work based on adjectives each of the 6 choreographers uses to describe their dance. Spectators are invited to sip a soupcon of the wine while viewing a 5-minute excerpt of the dance. Then a kind but audacious stand-up comic tickles funny bones by interpreting the dance just viewed. The comic storyteller is able to wittily articulate what is crossing the audience’s mind and has the nerve to say it aloud. Interpretation is laid bare in a sensorial way.

The series: MascallDance’s creation and performance series BLOOM has been a feature of Vancouver’s West End since 1994. Emerging choreographers apply for BLOOM’s choreographic training, mentoring & editing by Artistic Director Jennifer Mascall, combined with use of the company’s beautiful west end studio. Over three studio performances, their work-in-progress is sampled by the public in an informal, cocktail hour atmosphere.

Aeriosa returns to the UBC Botanical Garden

The Greenheart Canopy Walkway is pleased to present Aeriosa at UBC Botanical Garden. This unique performance by the captivating vertical dance group, Aeriosa, incorporates a captivating fusion of rock-climbing skill and contemporary dance movement set to music. Enjoy the performanace perched on viewing platforms high in the treetops while exploring Vancouver’s most exciting eco-adventure, the Greenheart Canopy Walkway.

The talented dancers will explore movement three dimensionally in space with both horizontal and vertical movements made possible by their special rigging set up in the trees. The experience will shift your perspective as it combines art, nature and community in one spectacular show.

Dancing with the Grand Firs

This creative process is about forming a relationship with living trees, learning to negotiate movement in a duet with another species, contemplating a different sense of time, place and way of being in the world. The movement vocabulary and choreography will be unearthed as we take time to experience the cycles of  the ecosystem. Our task will be to draw out stories that are written into the forest to illuminate the delicate balance that exists between humanity and all other life on earth.


Family Friendly performances: Wednesday August 20th – Friday August 22 at 6 pm & Saturday August 23 at 4:30 matinee. Tickets: Child/Youth (3-17, Children 2 & under free) $15, Adult $25.

Purchase Tickets: 
Wednesday August 20 at 6 p.m.
Thursday August 21 at 6 p.m.
Friday August 22 at 6 p.m.
Saturday August 23 at 4:30 p.m.

Adult-only performance*: Saturday August 23 at 6 pm. Tickets: Adult $35 (includes wine & cheese)
Purchase Tickets: 
Saturday August 23 at 6:00 p.m.

*Included in the adults only ticket price is one glass of wine and a selection of appetizers.
Please contact us at garden.bookings@ubc.ca to reserve accessible seating for your party if required.


UBC Botanical Garden at 6804 Marine Dr SW, Vancouver. Free parking available. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time. A guide will greet and lead you to the canopy walkway. For directions visit our hours and directions page. 

– See more at: http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/aeriosa#sthash.PNRw35Zl.dpuf

Life in the trees

Thank you to all who came out to see Aeriosa’s solstice performances in the UBC Botanical Garden, it was a magical event. For those who missed it, we will be back in August to develop the work and share it though performances for the public. Here are a few shots by Even Oldridge of our rehearsal.




Here’s a peak at our rehearsal process:


Body Narratives Collective co-director’s Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr will also be performing with Susan Kania in a new trio be graceful in the wind as part of Dusk Dance’s July 4-6th, 2014 in Portside Park. Original music composed by Phil Thomson and costume’s by Maggie Winston.

Here is a photo from rehearsal taken by Esther Vincent:

by Esther Vincent

For a full list of the Dancing on the Edge festival information visit: http://www.dancingontheedge.org/