Announcing Fall Iyengar Yoga Courses

Greetings and happy summer everyone.

I’d like to invite you to join me for some great courses coming up this fall. I’ll be continuing to teach my regular Sunday and Tuesday evening classes, but am also adding in two new classes, Saturday mornings at Yoga on 7th and Friday mornings at Ocean and Crow. Please continue reading below for the details, and let me know if you plan to join in for any of the 3 complimentary trial classes I’m offering in early September. These sample classes are a great way to try out the classes and see if they are a good fit, introduce friends and family to the practice, and get your foot back in the door after some time off.

Hope to see you on the mat soon.




Classes at Ocean and Crow Yoga


***NEW CLASS***Aligning Body Mind and Breath: Friday’s 10-11:30am

7 classes, September 15th-November 3rd. No class September 29th.

$119+tax before September 5th.

Late registration (after September 5th) $133+tax

Come join for a complimentary trial class on Friday, September 8th, 10:00-11:30am

You must register at least 24 hours in advance to save your spot, as space is limited, sign up through this link:


Classes at Yoga on 7th:

Tuesdays 7:30- 9pm

Complimentary trial September 12th

First set September 19 – October 24 ** No class** October 31st

Second set November 7 – December 12

6-week session $96,  $180 to sign up for both sessions (12 weeks), $20 Drop in.


***NEW CLASS*** Saturdays 10:15am- 11:45am

Complimentary trial September 16

September 23 – November 4 **No Class September 30**

6-week session $96, Drop in $20.

 email to register for classes at Yoga on 7th (cash, cheque or e-transfer only accepted)


Finally, if you feels so inclined…and if my teaching and/or these two studios have had a positive impact on your life, then I’d like to ask you for a favor.

Both Ocean and Crow and Yoga on 7th are independently run with very small budgets for advertising. And because we don’t have reception areas, it’s hard for people to walk in the door and have a look around. So we continue to be “discovered” by people who have lived in the neighbourhood and walked past the studio for years.

Can I ask for your help in creating some good word of mouth for us on the Internet? It doesn’t take much time, and every bit helps. I know that when I see positive reviews I feel more comfortable about trying out a new place.

Here are three easy ways you can give the studio a helping hand.

  1. You can like our page on Facebook at: or

Once you’re there, look on the left hand side of the page and you’ll see a list with “Reviews” midway down. Click on that and it will open a screen with an invitation to “Tell people what you think” under some greyed out stars. That’s your spot to rate us and leave a review.

2. To leave a review on Google, search for Yoga on 7th or Ocean and Crow.

Google’s information on the studio will show up on the right hand side of the page. Scroll down and you’ll find a button to click to write a review. You can write something, add a photo if you like, or just give us a star rating, one to five.

3. To leave a review on Yelp, go to: or

Your chance to leave a review is at the top of the page.

Thank you for helping us out.

Thank you also to Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Alisoun Payne and Aileen Warbrook for joining me in the above photo taken by Suzanne Rushton.

Summer Yoga Sessions

I wanted to thank those of you who came to check out “Ancestralizing the Present: Protocols and Practices in Northwest Coast First Nations Dance” at the Dance Centre on June 10th.  It was a huge honour to perform in this event. These companies will be sharing more collaborative work in Stanley Park July 15th.

I also wanted to thank those who joined Siobhan Sloane-Seale and I for the “Spring into Summer” workshop June 11th at Yoga on 7th.

It was a full weekend of culture, music and movement.

The next session of summer yoga courses are coming up and I’d like to invite you to a complimentary “Yoga on Us” class I’ll be teaching soon at Ocean and Crow. It’s a sample of the work we do in the “From the Ground Up” course which starts up July 9th.

The complimentary class is Wednesday June 21st from 6-7:15pm, please invite your friends and do register in advance as space is limited:


The next session at Yoga on 7th begins Tuesday June 20th-July 25th. It is $96 for the 6-weeks and $20 to drop in.

If you are interested in this session you can register directly with me either through an e-transfer sent to or in person at the studio with cash or cheque.

Looking forward to some summer yoga with you.


Thank you to Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Alisoun Payne and Aileen Warbrook for joining me in these photos from Yoga on 7th, taken by Suzanne Rushton.

Spring into Summer Yoga Workshop



It’s time to shed the lethargy of a long rainy winter! Jumpstart your spring and get ready for summer. In this workshop Siobhan and Meghan will lead you through a sequence of poses to increase energy, reduce sluggishness, and strengthen your upper body and core. We will teach you how to access these poses safely while taking you deeper into your practice, giving students the opportunity to work on arm balances and inversions at their own pace. This workshop is open to all levels.

Sunday June 11 ~ 2:30-5:30pm
Yoga on 7th ~ 156 East 7th Ave
Early bird ~ $45 until June 4
Regular price ~ $50

Meghan and Siobhan are both yoga instructors and professional dance artists. Between them they have 35 years of yoga practice and 16 years of teaching experience. They completed their Iyengar yoga certification with well over 1300 hours of training each.
Space is limited, to secure your spot please pre-register.

To register email

For more info please visit: or

Photo credit: Suzanne Rushton. Thank you to Alisoun Payne for joining us in this photo.

May Yoga Sessions

I’m excited to offer some exciting progressive Iyengar yoga courses in May plus a special Yoga Workshop on Sunday June 11th from 2:30-5:30pm at Yoga on 7th co-taught by myself and Siobhan Sloane-Seale. More info coming soon….thank you to Siobhan for joining me (and rooting my elbows) in this photo by Suzanne Rushton.


I’ve got two weekly classes coming up this spring.

Join me for a 6-week progressive series on Sunday evenings from 5:45-7:15pm at Ocean and Crow yoga. From the Ground Up is a 6-week course designed to create a strong foundation for students new to yoga while offering opportunities for those with a regular practice to deepen their understanding of the poses and how they work best in our own bodies. May 14- June 25 (no class June 11th). 

Sign up by May 6th to save on late registration fees. 

Register here:

Week 1: Feet, Ankles, and Knees: Learn how correct actions and alignment in the lower part of the body can help improve balance, stability, and joint health.

Week 2: Legs and Hips: Discover how the standing poses can build energy, stamina, and confidence while better understanding how to open and strengthen the hips.

Week 3: Abdomen and Lower Back: Focus on strengthening the abdomen to keep your lower back healthy in yoga practice and in life.

Week 4: Upper Back and Shoulders: Experience how the use of the arms and legs can support the opening of the chest. Find strength and space in the shoulders to prepare the body for inversions.

Week 5: Reverse the flow: Learn safe inversion practices for your own level of experience. Through preparations and the use of props, students will learn how to build strong foundations and find optimal alignment in order to receive the many benefits of turning upside down.

Week 6: Restoration and breathing: The final week of this session will offer a chance to work with the subtle body through gentle postures and exploration of pranayama, the art and science of the breath.

I’ll also be teaching Tuesday night classes from 7:30-9pm at Yoga on 7thThis lovely studio is equipped with wonderful props to enhance the practice, such as the ropes wall featured below.

The new 6-sessions starts May 9th-June 13th and June 20-July 25th

6-week sessions cost $96, if you sign up for all 12 weeks the price is $180. Drop-ins $20       Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted.

Contact me at to register.

Signing up for a session, even when it’s only six weeks long, is a commitment. So for students who have never come to Yoga on 7th before there is a new offer of $50 for 5 classes in two weeks. In two weeks you’ll get a quick sense of the studio and its teachers, and you can check us out at a steep discount on yoga and Pilates classes.

Visit this link for more information:



Springtime Yoga and Aeriosa Dance Performance

Well, spring is almost here….and in the meantime, here are a few yoga classes to keep you feeling inspired and healthy. As someone who experiences seasonal allergies, I find yoga at this time of year particularly helpful.


I’d also like to invite you to join me for a special noon hour performance at the The Dance Centre. I’ll be performing with Aeriosa Thursday March 30th at 12pm. More info and tickets here:

Teaching Schedule:

Tuesday night classes from 7:30-9pm at Yoga on 7th  

March 21-April 25 (6-week session $96)                                                    [

Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted.

Contact me at to register.

2 classes per week at Ocean and Crow Yoga

To avoid late registration fees sign up before March 22nd.

A new benefit is that we are offering a Bonus Class, which is an extra class on us you can use for anything that allows drop ins on the schedule within eight weeks of your purchase. That means if you sign up today you can use it today! Use your Bonus Class to try out a different class than your usual, or if you have to miss one of your regular classes.
You can also use it to bring a friend to the studio, you just have to email with your friend’s name and email address so she can set that up for you.
Each of my courses at Ocean and Crow has one spot available for financial assistance. Email to apply.



FRIDAYS, 12:00-1:00pm Stretch and Strengthen: Noon Hour Iyengar Yoga

5 classes, March 31st-April 28th $85+tax

Late registration (after March 22nd 8th) $95+tax

SUNDAYS, 6:00-7:15pm Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga

4 classes, April 2nd-April 30th (no class April 16th for Easter) $68+tax

Late registration (after March 22nd) $76+tax

Hope to see you on your mat soon.



Thank you to Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Alisoun Payne and Aileen Warbrook for joining me in these photos from Yoga on 7th, taken by Suzanne Rushton.


Move, breathe and feel well…new yoga courses starting soon


Come deepen your practice; move, breath and feel well. Ocean and Crow Yoga courses starting up soon. Register before midnight Feb 8th to get the early bird discount.

THURSDAYS (Feb 16th-March 23rd) 6 weeks

6:00-7:15pm Deep Breaths, Calm Mind: Restorative Iyengar Yoga with Meghan Goodman

FRIDAYS (Feb 17th-March 17) 5 weeks

12:00-1:00pm Stretch and Strengthen: Noon Hour Iyengar with Meghan Goodman

SUNDAYS (Feb 19th-March 26th) 6 weeks

6:00-7:15pm Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga with Meghan Goodman

There are also still a few spots left in my Tuesday night class from 7:30-9pm at Yoga on 7th . 

January 31-March 7 (6-week session for $96)

Second set runs from March 21-April 25 (6-week session $96)                                                    [no class March 14]

Or sign up for both and save. $180 for 12-weeks. Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted.

Contact me at for more info.


Thank you to Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Alisoun Payne and Aileen Warbrook for joining me in these photos from Yoga on 7th, taken by Suzanne Rushton.

Winter Yoga Sessions: Deep Breaths, Calm Mind

Come join me on Thursday December 22nd from 6-7:15pm to sample the new class I’ll be teaching at Ocean and Crow beginning January 5th. The class is called Deep Breaths, Calm Mind: Restorative Iyengar Yoga, and will combine gentle stretching, and breathing exercises that will leave you feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

 The class I’m offering on December 22nd is complimentary, but we do require you to register at least 24 hours in advance to save your spot.

This is the link for the course on Thursday’s from 6-7:15pm, it runs from January 5-February 9:

I’ll be continuing to teach on Sunday’s at Ocean and Crow from 6-7:15pm, a more active Iyengar class called Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga. January 8-February 12:

And I’m adding an active Stretch and Strength Iyengar noon hour class on Friday’s as well from January 6-February 10:

*there is one spot available for financial assistance in each of these classes.
Email to apply.
 Discounts for early bird registration are available before the end of November, please message me for the code.

Tuesday night’s from 7:30-9pm at Yoga on 7th will also be continuing in the new year. I’m offering a free trial class on Tuesday January 10th from 7:30-9pm. Please email at to reserve a spot.

Regular Tuesday night classes resume January 31-March 7 (6-week session for $96)

Second set runs from March 21-April 25 (6-week session $96)                                                    [no class March 14]

Or sign up for both and save. $180 for 12-weeks. Cash, cheque or e-transfers accepted.

I also recently wrote an article about home practice; finding the time, establishing a routine and making it a habit. Perhaps you will find inspiration over the holidays and between sessions to continue with your practice at home.

Photos by Suzanne Rushton.